February 24, 2007

The Circle of Life

The Circle of Life was inspired by the deaths of the author’s mother, father and twin sister Catherine, which forced her to face many of life’s most difficult questions. She realized that adults and children all over the world face the same issues and, while geared toward children, this book delivers a simple yet powerful message for the child within us all.

The Circle of Life beautifully illustrated by artist Lena Gardelli offers a broad, worldly view of life’s biggest questions. The book’s four chapters —“What is God?” “What is Life?” “What is Death?” and “The Great Circle” — give young people a wonderful message of unity, compassion, caring, and love. It explains to both children and adults the wisdom of all the world’s greatest sages. People both young and old are ready to read this life-changing message.

Coming soon…the second in the spiritual series for children, “The Gift,” which teaches children that they are inherently powerful beings made of pure light. Narrated by the Archangel Michael, the book shows people of all ages that all of their dreams can come true if they remember the magical gift given to them by their Creator as they began this adventure we call “life.”



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