A Message of Hope for the New Millennium

By Elizabeth Anne Hill with Catherine Mary Hill


What if someone very close to you died suddenly and sent you messages from the other side? Would you listen? Would you act? This is a true story of twin sisters, one in body, the other in spirit, and their powerful message of hope for the new millennium.

It appeared to be a tragic accident on October 25, 2002, when my twin sister, U.S. Border Patrol Agent Catherine Mary Hill, died. As she positioned her Jeep to get a better look at the U.S. international border with Mexico, she suddenly lost control of her vehicle and tumbled down a steep embankment into Smugglers Canyon in the Tijuana River Valley below.

When I received the devastating news, I was filled with grief so overwhelming that it felt physically painful. I realized in that instant that my feisty twin sister was gone forever...or so I thought.

Three days later, as I sat sobbing uncontrollably while getting ready to meet with the Border Patrol to plan Cathy’s funeral, something happened that stopped me in my tracks. I heard a voice say, “Your sister Cathy is fine. Remember what she was doing and reading before she died.” Those words are etched in my mind forever.

As I read the books and notes she left behind and learned what she had been thinking about and doing in her final days of her life, I discovered that she had an important message for the world. After she died, she left no stone unturned to relay the information to me.

Remarkably, I began to realize that not only had she left a message behind for me but that she was also still with me, helping me to see that her death at the border barrier fence was part of a much larger plan, a pact we made before coming to this life.

She wanted me to understand that the world is at a crossroads. The decisions that human beings make now will determine whether our future holds violence and destruction or whether we will experience a great spiritual renaissance.

Cathy’s Life

Cathy had struggled for many years to find her purpose. At the end of her life, she began reading spiritual books about the journey our souls take through life, into death, and back again. She pondered big questions like humanity’s purpose, and she wondered what the future held for our planet. She begged me to read her books, but at the time I wasn’t interested. She joined an online book club and began leaving books around San Diego in the hope that someone would find and read them. In hindsight, it is clear to me that she was preparing to leave this world and wanted to share her newfound spiritual knowledge with others.

Cathy was proud to be a Border Patrol Agent. But somehow she knew that in the bigger scheme of things, there had to be a better way. She kept saying, “This is not working; this is a negative solution to a negative problem.” I understand now what she meant by that. It is clear that the many problems the world faces are symptoms of a much larger illness. Twin Souls shows how these problems can be treated holistically by addressing the root cause: humanity’s lack of spiritual understanding.

One day, Cathy was assigned to work with the Border Patrol’s Explorer Scouts, a program that helps teens with career goals. She felt that by guiding young people, she was finally making a difference in the world. Her passion for helping young people led her to an organization called StandUp For Kids, at which she became an outreach counselor for homeless teens. She seemed to feel a strong kinship with them, and they with her.

Connection with Cathy

After my sister died, I started the Catherine Hill Foundation to raise money to fund programs for her beloved kids and to address the concerns she had for the world. I knew I could no longer ignore what she was trying to tell me, so I started reading the books she left behind. I could see there were many things I didn’t understand about life and death. Like Cathy, the more I learned, the more I questioned. Finally, I went to see a spiritual medium.

The medium made contact with Cathy, who said she would show her friends and family members blue butterflies and angels to let us know she was with us. After the reading, Cathy’s friends and I began to see these symbols everywhere. My mother, who had died many years earlier, came through to the medium to advise me to continue to read and to write down my experiences, as they would become very important in the future.

Several times I awakened and realized I was having detailed conversations with someone in my sleep about Twin Souls. Other times I saw blue lights near my bed and it seemed as if someone was standing there. I could only remember bits and pieces of my nighttime conversations, but I could tell the words were coming back to me as I was writing.

My sister sent me many spiritually gifted people to let me know that she was helping me to write Twin Souls. It was our combined life purpose. I was filled with wonder and joy as I remembered something that I had forgotten: There is no such thing as death. I knew that Cathy wanted me to share with the world that there is only life.

Our Twin Vision

All our lives my sister and I were on opposite sides of every issue from religion to politics. We spent hours arguing about our beliefs. Twin Souls, shows how our differing paths led us to opposing viewpoints. Our “twin connection” was often forgotten as we battled over who was right and who was wrong. I realize now that this is symbolic of what has taken place in the world. After my sister died I asked her, “So who was right?” She told me, “There is no greater fallacy than to believe one way is right and another way is wrong.”

Shortly after she died, I saw in my mind’s eye the yin-and-yang symbol. Something kept bringing me back to the unity of opposites. Across the supposed boundaries of life and death, Cathy and I have come full circle and I now have a more complete view of these issues because I can see them through my sister’s eyes as well as my own.

Choosing a New Spiritual Path

My sister conveyed to me that we have begun the Golden Age, a time in history that has been predicted for thousands of years. All of humanity will reawaken to its true spiritual nature. By accessing higher states of consciousness, we will discover the wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and unlimited possibilities that are available to us.

Many messengers and teachers have been sent to Earth at this time to propel the world toward the peace we have been seeking for centuries. Twin Souls will serve as a catalyst for discussion and partnership for the many souls who are prepared to lead the way down this new spiritual path. When the world chooses unity, spiritual healing, and love, the boundaries between countries will disappear, we will no longer feel the need to guard our borders, and the lines between Heaven and Earth will begin to fade.